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    Higher returns for you and your securities

Securities lending – lend your securities

Complement your asset management and increase the returns on your securities. The loan, which is limited in time, generates fee income for you and thus provides you with additional leeway for investment.

When you engage in securities lending and borrowing at the LLB, you always act as lender and we as a bank assume the role of borrower. You will receive a fee for the lending, the amount of which depends on the length of the lending period and the volume of the securities.

The payment of a fee increases the return on your portfolio. Shares or bonds are very often eligible for lending. In consultation with our investment specialists, you will learn more about how you can add value to your asset management in a targeted manner.

Your benefits

  • Optimisation of returns for your equities or bonds
  • Improvement of your asset structure and investment leeway
  • Additional income without losing any investment flexibility
  • Preservation of own securities portfolio