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LLB funds: With the potential for surpassing performance

The LLB offers its clients innovative and high-quality fund products. The range currently comprises more than 40 funds. This makes the LLB one of the leading providers in Liechtenstein.

The fund selection is distinguished by above-average performance and low costs compared with the competition. This is regularly confirmed in external comparisons conducted by renowned and independent fund rating agencies. The LLB funds are managed by the LLB Group's first-class Asset Management. The company has years of experience and outstanding expertise in managing even the most demanding portfolios.

LLB Quotes – everything on a modern platform

There are a wide range of options for buying LLB funds online using LLB Quotes. Your portfolio can be perfectly tailored to your fund investment with customisable trading options. You will find a currency converter and comprehensive information on current prices, selected markets, and important indices, as well as on LLB products, individual securities, and other investments.

Your benefits

  • A selection of more than 40 funds
  • The right funds for your own investment strategy
  • Clear and interactive platform
  • Real-time data