• Zu Hause

The rent account for business clients

As a business client, simply and conveniently use your rent account to transact all payments related to your real property.

The rent account is an especially good fit for businesses managing one or more real properties. You can reliably and transparently settle rental income and property expenses, giving you more time for what's important – your business.

By managing payments with a rent account, you can simplify your accounting and at the same time ensure that all payment transactions related to your properties are separate from all other business transactions. Thanks to quarterly account statements, you keep an overview on a regular basis. Your balance is available at all times.

As a business client, you can quickly and easily take care of your banking transactions using LLB Online Banking and LLB Mobile Banking. As part of an SME Box, you can take the best advantage of your rent account.

Your benefits

  • Transparent accounting for all rental income and property expenses
  • Quarterly account statements
  • Balances available at all times