Your comprehensive foreign exchange trading

Your foreign exchange transactions may pursue different goals. But as a rule, they will only be successful with a comprehensive selection. We offer you an excellent platform for your trades as well as numerous functions and options.

The LLB's foreign exchange business offers you comprehensive trading in spot and forward transactions. Trading in swaps, non-deliverable forwards, OTC options, DOCUs, and precious metals is also possible on a secure platform. This provides optimal hedging of exchange rate risks. Or you can use current market opportunities in a targeted manner and create a basis for optimising your income. With the LLB online foreign exchange platform, we offer real-time access to exchange rates and direct access to our trading areas. As a client with regular and large trading volumes, you can also carry out your foreign exchange transactions free of charge.

Additionally, LLB Quotes offers comprehensive information on current prices, selected markets and important indices, as well as individual securities and LLB fund products.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive trading options for spot and forward transactions
  • Targeted utilisation of investment and market opportunities
  • Forward-looking hedging of any currency risks
  • Modern trading platform with many functions and services