Safeguard your continuous liquidity

Gain more financial leeway for your business

Fluctuating payment receipts, the need for goods on hand, mobile investments, and devices – all of this has to be financed. Our business loan helps you gain more leeway for your company.

With a business loan, you can finance your goods on hand as well as accounts receivable in advance. This can, for instance, be used to buffer seasonal fluctuations in your business operations. You can also put the extra liquidity into mobile investments such as machines, devices, tools, and installations. In those cases, you will also benefit from flexible repayment terms and options, since we will take account of the operating life and depreciation period of the investments when granting the loan. Also, the business loan will generally be granted as an overdraft limit. This means that every quarter, only the part of the loan you actually use will be charged interest. The loan amount is thus even more closely correlated with the actual needs of your business.

Your business loan – our requirements

The business loan can be granted without any special collateral. It is granted in accordance with your business's year-end figures or sales numbers. This means your annual accounts (balance sheet and income statement, audit report where available) must be handed in each year. The conditions of the loan (interest rate, loan commission, and minimum loan fee) are defined on an individual basis and set out in your loan agreement. The credit line is granted on the business account you use to make your payments (accounts receivable and payable). The business loan can be cancelled at any time.

Your benefits

  • Rapid availability of liquidity
  • Safeguarding of your ongoing business operations
  • High degree of flexibility in regard to use and repayment
  • Permanent overview of interest costs thanks to quarterly calculation
  • No special collateral necessary