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With a guarantee or surety bond provided by the LLB, you do not make your liquidity dependent on securing potential or existing obligations. We take care of that part – provided your credit standing is good.

Every guarantee, single surety bond, or warranty bond is backed up by the obligation to render a performance or payment as needed or if a risk event occurs. We are able to provide precisely this kind of assurance to you. In relation to your contract partner – and separately from the contractual relationship itself – we give you this added security by irrevocably undertaking to make a payment to the beneficiary if you are unable to duly meet your contractual obligations. This means that if your business has good credit standing, we serve as your guarantor. In this way, we ensure smooth financial transactions with your business partners (beneficiaries) at all times. The need for such a guarantee or surety bond is usually very specific to the client. We therefore recommend that you discuss and clarify your needs with our experts during a personal consultation.

Your benefits

  • Individualised hedging of business and financial risks
  • High degree of payment security for the recipient (beneficiary)
  • Securing of contractor performances for new buildings and renovations as an additional acquisition element
  • Smooth payment settlement thanks to our experience
  • No need to tie up current liquidity