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eBill – bill securely, receive money on time

With eBill, you can digitalise your billing. Send bills securely to E-Banking. This makes it easier for your customers to settle your invoices. In return, you benefit from reliable payment receipts.

What is eBill?

eBill is short for "electronic bill" and will replace the existing "e-Bill" by the end of 2019 in Switzerland. LLB implements eBill as the first Bank in Liechtenstein.

With eBill, you can send invoices to your customers electronically and without any media breaks. Payments become easier and faster for you and your customers. Optimize your invoicing and efficiency, so you have more time for the most important thing - your customer.

eBill – your benefits as a company

  • Receive money on time
    Feedback from many companies shows: Customers pay their invoices more reliably.
    * The due date for the invoice set by the company is used as the default in E-Banking.
    * compared with paper and email invoices
  • Efficient and secure invoicing
    Create the bills in your invoicing software and transmit them as eBill invoices to your customers' E-Banking without switching media. Reliably, securely, and transparently. Avoid damage to reputation caused by spam and phishing.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
    With eBill, your customer receives and checks the invoice directly in E-Banking, making payments convenient and secure. You benefit from fewer customer enquiries and more reliable payment receipts.

Switch to eBill now

  1. Register for eBill at www.ebill.ch.
  2. Activate eBill.
  3. Issue your invoices digitally.

Additional information about eBill for billers can be found here.

Your client advisor will be happy to answer any questions.