Your LLB Fund Savings Plan: Systematic investment success

Take control of your financial future with our LLB Fund Savings Plan. The sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve your personal savings goals. Rely on the attractive long-term return opportunities offered by selected funds.

The Fund Savings Plan is the right savings tool for you if:

  • you want to build up wealth over time, even with small amounts
  • you want more than just interest on your savings account
  • you want to have access to your assets at any time, flexibly and quickly

This is what makes fund savings so special and suitable

You stay flexible while adopting the modern approach to savings. With a LLB Fund Savings Plan, you make a good investment in your future.

These are the most common reasons why clients use funds to save:

  • To make personal life dreams come true: Whether a trip around the world, a home of one's own, or even a new car
  • For children: A financial cushion for their future or a gift for a godchild or grandchild
  • For paying off a mortgage or remodelling: Save the right way to reduce your mortgage or pay for remodelling when the opportunity arises
  • For retirement: So that you can maintain your accustomed standard of living later in life