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    Ensure the right financing even for the long run

Do you have investment needs?

An investment loan ensures the right framework for longer-term financing and can be customised individually to your planned investment. This makes it easy to calculate your total expenses.

With an investment loan, give your business a reliable prospect and realise the financing of long-term investments, machines, or installations.

As a rule, the investment loan is granted in the form of a long-term loan or a fixed advance. As the borrower, you pay back the loan in instalments. The term of the loan is adjusted to the specific investment. This means no separate collateral is needed to secure the loan amount.

In particular, you can easily calculate the total expenses, given that the conditions (interest rate or margin as well as repayments) are defined in advance for the entire term of the loan. The interest and payments are debited from your business account. The cancellation options are six weeks for a long-term loan and at the end of the term for a fixed advance. Please note that you have to hand in your annual accounts (balance sheet and income statement, audit report where available) each year.

Your benefits

  • Rapid availability of liquidity
  • Safeguarding of investments for further development of your business
  • Flexibility in terms of cancellation options
  • Interest costs can be calculated in advance
  • No special collateral necessary, given that the term depends on the investment