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    Your direct connection: LLB Connect

Send us payments, foreign exchange transactions, and market orders directly from your company software – quickly, securely, and efficiently.

The LLB Connect interface is an attractive and convenient solution for companies with a large number of payment orders.  

With LLB Connect, you create payment, market, and foreign exchange orders in your familiar software environment and transmit them quickly, securely, and efficiently to the LLB. All payments are executed on time and with the right value date. In addition, up-to-date account information is available to you at all times. With one click, you get an overview of account notifications and reports. Your accounting system can automatically reconcile them with your accounts payable and receivable.

Advantages of LLB Connect

  • Fully integrated process for electronic payment transactions and reporting
  • Optimisation of your cash management and liquidity planning
  • Automatic reconciliation of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • High security and system availability
  • Account information at the click of a button
  • Error reduction in data transmission for market and foreign exchange transactions
  • Support for joint payment authorisation

Scope of services

You enter payment, foreign exchange, or market orders in your accounting software and transmit them to us at the click of a button via LLB Connect. The following formats are currently supported:

  • pain.001
  • pain.002
  • camt.053
  • camt.054
  • MT571
  • MT940
  • Account documents in PDF format


To use LLB Connect, you need the following:

  • Account with the LLB
  • LLB E-Banking access
  • LLB Connect agreement
  • Internet connection
  • ERP or financial software compatible with LLB Connect

Would you like to learn more and/or use the LLB Connect interface?

For further information on the LLB Connect interface, please get in touch with your client advisor or the Team Service Direct, tel. +423 236 88 11.