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Your foreign exchange transactions: Optimise earnings, hedge risks

With foreign exchange transactions, you can hedge future currency risks or focus on targeted income optimisation on an individual basis.

The LLB's foreign exchange business helps you engage in demanding international trades. We offer you comprehensive trading in spot and futures/forward transactions as well as swaps, derivatives, and other structured products. When making a trade, this lets you hedge exchange rate risks and thus potential losses during the payment period. These structured products also offer possibilities for income optimisation.

Spot transactions are market transactions that must be realised immediately or at short notice. As a rule, the settlement period is limited to a maximum of two trading days. This is in contrast to futures, forward, and option transactions, where the transaction becomes due at a later date but at a price already fixed on the trade date.

Foreign exchange transactions are quite complex. As an investor, it is therefore advisable to be aware of the associated opportunities and possible risks. Structured solutions make it easier to calculate risks in this respect and thus participate in positive exchange rate developments. In addition, such an investment can also contribute to diversification of the investor's portfolio.