A wide range of services for SME

Our SME Menu: Matched to your needs

You would like to have your individual wishes and the needs of your business covered in a comprehensive way. Our SME Menu offers a wide range of services for your account, investment and financing options, pension and succession planning, and many other services. 

For your accounts and payments, you can choose not only among different account types and credit cards, but you can also design your payment transactions entirely according to your wishes. For investments, you can rely on solid investment advice and institutional asset management, including custody accounts, time deposits, and foreign exchange transactions.

If you need a high degree of flexibility in financing, we are at your side with a building loan, investment loan, or business loan. To finance real estate, we are able to provide guarantees and sureties in line with your credit rating.

And if you want to hedge international currency differences or for other purposes, we can also carry out forward exchange transactions for you.

We can recommend and offer very special expertise in regard to financial and pension planning as well as succession. In addition to risk planning, we are also happy to support you in succession and estate planning. We can offer you comprehensive pension planning and plans to build up your assets, as well as a proven pension scheme solution including asset management.

Optional additional services can be found in the form centre. For safekeeping, you can also rent a safe deposit box that fits your needs.