Your business can count on worldwide payment acceptance

With a credit card, you and your business have more flexibility and independence. You can use your credit card worldwide on business trips or online for bookings, deposits, and payments. Depending on the card issuer, various insurance and service benefits are already included.

Benefit from more liquidity, flexibility, and independence with your credit card. Why? Credit cards are among the most popular and widespread cashless means of payment in the world. They are accepted and used by millions worldwide. With your credit card, you can pay conveniently, securely, and quickly in restaurants and at service stations regardless of your business destination. And always cashless. Or you can use your debit card for cashless payments on the internet. The uses are multifaceted.

Since October 2019, the LLB has been the first bank in Liechtenstein to offer its customers Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay that's fast and convenient. To provide this trendsetting service LLB is cooperating with Cornèr Europe, the issuer of credit and prepaid cards within Europe.

Safety first

Misplaced card? PIN forgotten? Card withdrawn? In any case, have your card blocked immediately. Use the Cornercard app or call the following emergency number: +423 388 99 99.

Cornèrcard  App and ICornèr

Keep track of your card at all times.

With the Cornèrcard App and the online portal ICornèr you have anytime access to your card data in a protected area on the internet as well as take advantage of other services offered by your LLB credit card.

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