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    Profit from company developments in the long term with shares

Your long-term capital investment in shares

Shares are securities. As a shareholder, you have a direct stake in the company and therefore its success. You can vote at the general meeting and are entitled to a distribution of profits (dividend). The share price depends on the current or expected earning power of the respective company as well as on the economic and commercial environment. This means that you can profit from rising stock prices, but you must also be able to accept pronounced fluctuations. For this reason, investing in shares requires a long-term investment horizon.

Your benefits

  • Tradeable at any time at the market price (if listed) e.g. via e-banking (online and mobile)
  • Voting rights at the general meeting
  • Participation in company profits in the form of dividends
  • Subscription entitlement for rights issues
  • Participation in company development and economic environment via share price changes
  • Higher long-term return opportunities than bonds

When investing in a single public limited company, the investor is solely dependent on the performance of this one share. If this declines significantly, the value of the investment decreases accordingly. Possible risks can be reduced very significantly with sensible diversification into several companies or asset classes. For lower volumes, diversification via investment funds is a good option.

Our daily updated overview of shares provides you with a good guide to interesting shares. We also recommend that you inform yourself about the key criteria governing share investment in the brochure "Risks in Securities Trading".