Making the path to liquidity easier

Your liquidity means a lot to us

Do you need money on short notice for a targeted investment, or do you have to bridge a financial bottleneck quickly and easily? But you don't want to sell existing assets? Then a Lombard loan is a flexible and low-cost financing solution.

A Lombard loan quickly gives you more liquidity. In return for the loan, you pledge existing assets such as equities, bonds, and bank account balances to the lender. Your benefit: You do not lose any assets you've acquired, but you can still invest in more. The earning potential of existing securities is preserved. Also as part of comprehensive wealth planning, Lombard loans let you access additional capital to take advantage on short notice of investment opportunities on the market. It may also be worthwhile to employ a Lombard loan in a targeted way to diversify your investments or optimise the structure of your portfolio. Because this securities loan is secured with pledged collateral, you also benefit from lower interest rates than you would with other types of loan.

Important to know – existing risks of a Lombard loan

Pledging securities not only offers special advantages, however, but also entails possible risks, such as price and currency fluctuations. If your securities lose value, you have to integrate additional assets into the loan. The fact sheet gives you a complete overview. Or ask your client advisor directly, who will give you comprehensive and detailed information about all aspects.

Your benefits

  • Flexible availability of additional capital reserves
  • Low-cost loan type with lower interest rate thanks to pledged collateral
  • Liquidity on short notice
  • No final disposal of securities – only pledged as collateral