Reports for corporate clients

Notification and reporting

Account statements and notifications are being adjusted to the ISO 20022 standard, using standardised formats to facilitate automated straight-through processing (STP). To correctly process these files, your accounting system must support the new format.

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Standardised payment orders and IBAN account identifiers

The procedure for payments is being adjusted to the new ISO norm, which also forms the basis for the European SEPA procedure. This transition is binding on all payment service providers in Switzerland. After the end of the migration phase, the IBAN will be used exclusively as the primary identifier.

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QR-bill to replace payment slips

The current multiplicity of red and orange payment slips will be replaced by the QR-bill with an integrated QR code.

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LEON direct debit

New direct debit standards for more comfort

The Swiss financial centre currently uses a variety of direct debit procedures. As part of the standardisation, banks intend to implement a single procedure throughout Switzerland with a common direct debit message on the basis of the ISO standard.

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Information on ISO 20022

Step-by-step harmonisation under ISO 20022 means more comfort and technical standardisation for our corporate and private clients.

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