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Banknote, foreign exchange, and precious metal prices

Whether banknotes, foreign exchange, or precious metals such as gold – the price of these investments fluctuates on a daily basis, so that you as an investor must always keep track of the developments. Our banknote and currency exchange rates are updated regularly and are for indicative purposes only.

Is foreign exchange trading an integral part of your day-to-day business? Would you like to invest in a precious metal in the medium or long term? Or do you need banknotes in other currencies while travelling?

Irrespective of your intended purpose – the prices must be monitored so that you can respond appropriately to fluctuations.

Your benefits

  • Observation of fluctuations on a daily basis
  • Optimisation of investment through monitoring of price fluctuations
  • Security of information
  • No advance enquiries up to CHF 10'000 necessary