Customise your financial and pension planning 

Financial and pension planning solutions and advisory packages for businesses

From formation to succession, you and your business go through different phases – and during every phase, we accompany and support you.

Life cycle

LLB Compass Formation – comprehensive from the start

Are you making the move into self-employment by founding your own business? That's always a courageous step. But don't neglect your private financial and pension planning, and remember that as an entrepreneur, you'll have to consider new questions:

  • How can a solution for risk and retirement planning be designed that is in line with your needs?
  • What does private budget and asset planning look like in the long term, and is it secure?
  • What legal structure makes sense during the start-up phase?

So that you can hit the ground running without having to sacrifice your private financial and pension planning, we advise you when you found your business and stay by your side.

LLB Compass Growth – on the path to success

Your business is developing in the right direction and showing growth. In this situation, your responsibility for your employees, yourself, and your family is also growing. Numerous questions arise at the interface between private and business concerns:

  • Is the legal structure of your business appropriate to the situation?
  • Does the income correspond to the risk and effort needed to make sure the business is a success?
  • How can liability risks be avoided?
  • What are the possibilities for ensuring tax-optimised accumulation of wealth?

Stay on the path to success – and let LLB Compass provide you with appropriate recommendations and options for designing an optimal financial and pension plan for you, both as an entrepreneur and as a private individual.

LLB Compass Succession – plan ahead

Are you looking back at a successful time as an entrepreneur? Of course you want to ensure that your business is in the right hands and that succession is a smooth as possible. But there are many different options for succession.

It's best to consider succession planning early on and to take account of personal, financial, and tax aspects. We support you on your path toward an ideal succession arrangement and take a look at your situation from both a business and a private perspective.

LLB Compass – the right fit for your situation

Wherever you stand as an entrepreneur right now – we are at your side and provide you with comprehensive advice on your individual financial and pension planning options and opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you to arrange a personal consultation.