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The LLB investment plan: now with the flexible direct bonus

Make investments with fixed amounts invested in LLB funds or using one of five LLB Comfort investment strategies. By the end of the investment phase, 100 % of the one-time deposit is invested. Benefit from an extensive range of funds with excellent performance opportunities and low costs. The uninvested capital earns interest of up to 1.00 %. A medium- to long-term investment horizon offers especially attractive return opportunities.

You invest a specific amount systematically in one of our award-winning LLB funds or strategies over a term of up to 24 months. The risk of price fluctuations and entering the market at the “wrong” time is minimised. At the same time, alongside the opportunity to secure an attractive return, you’ll also receive a direct bonus of up to CHF 2'000.–. You can also benefit from an interest rate of up to 1.00 per cent on any uninvested capital over the term of the investment. The investment horizon depends upon your investment strategy, although we recommend at least five years. The investment plan can be reallocated or closed down at any time.

Receive your welcome bonus immediately after transferring the investment amount.

At your request, we can donate either 50 per cent or 100 per cent of your bonus to the association Ackerschaft or the association Tischlein deck dich.

Staggered investment with LLB funds