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    The promise of systematic investments

The LLB Investment Plan: Systematic investing is smart

The LLB Investment Plan lets you invest systematically. You benefit from an extensive range of funds with excellent performance opportunities and low costs. Especially a medium- to long-term investment horizon makes attractive return opportunities possible.

With the LLB Investment Plan, you invest systematically and benefit from a wide range of funds with excellent performance and fair fees.

With a deposit starting at CHF 12'000, you invest systematically over a fixed period of time until 100% of the deposit has been made. The investment is made successively in LLB funds of your choice. You may benefit from a lower average price when you regularly purchase fund units: You buy fewer fund units at higher prices and more fund units at lower prices. This average price effect (cost averaging) also reduces the risk of a poorly timed investment.

At the same time, the LLB Investment Plan lets you achieve higher earnings opportunities in the long term than with a traditional savings account. The longer you stay invested, the less important short-term price fluctuations will tend to be. Overall, you increase your chances of achieving attractive returns, because you participate directly in the development of the financial markets.

Your benefits

  • Tailored selection: Determine your own investment strategy
  • Systematic investing: Staggered entry reduces the risk of investing at the wrong time (cost averaging)
  • Attractive: Large range of funds with excellent performance and low costs
  • Comparatively inexpensive: Retrocession-free, attractive pricing model in a cross-comparison
  • Professional and active management of funds by LLB investment specialists
  • Efficient: Simple use thanks to automated investment process
  • Flexible at all times: Not binding; reallocations, withdrawals, cancellation possible
  • Transparent: Using LLB Online or Mobile Banking, you can follow the development of your LLB Investment Plan at all times