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    Securities saving to suit your investment horizon

Safe securities savings with the LLB's medium-term notes

With fixed-interest medium-term notes, you can choose to invest with maturities between two and ten years, receiving market-based interest each year.

Medium-term notes are a form of securities saving with medium to longer maturities. As an investor, you are a lender and acquire a bearer bond. In return, you receive regular income from the borrower in the form of interest. This fixed and annual interest is credited directly to your account.

Long-term investments that can be planned - the investment form for safety-conscious investors

Medium-term notes generally offer higher long-term earnings opportunities than a traditional savings account. Our medium-term notes are used by many savers and investors as a secure form of investment, enabling them to benefit from securities saving over a longer investment period. You can choose from maturities ranging from two to ten years. At maturity, the nominal value of the medium-term note will be repaid to you as the investor. With as little as CHF 5'000, you can invest in selected medium-term notes and secure attractive earnings opportunities.

Your benefits

  • Additional income: Attractive annual interest payments on your account
  • Interest rate level: Generally higher than for a traditional savings account
  • Investment duration: Choose freely among maturities between two and ten years
  • Liquidity: High capacity as collateral if a credit need arises