LEON direct debit

New direct debit standards for more comfort

The Swiss financial centre currently uses a variety of direct debit procedures. As part of the standardisation, banks intend to implement a single procedure throughout Switzerland with a common direct debit message on the basis of the ISO standard.

Additionally, direct debits are to be included in the e-bill processes, so that companies will in future be able to use a single portal for processing direct debits and e-bills.

Your existing direct debit agreements continue to be valid. You do not have to do anything in this regard.

Technical information

The direct debit procedure will be harmonised by 2018 and combined with e-billing in stages. The basis is the harmonised direct debit order using the XML message "pain.008" as well as centralised administration of authorisations.

SEPA direct debit

Starting in November 2016, the LLB will also process incoming SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area, i.e., EU) direct debit orders. This means that LLB clients will be able to pay for goods and services of companies in the EU area using a regular SEPA collection. In contrast to the Swiss procedure, no authorisation deposited at the bank is necessary for this purpose. Instead, there is a right of objection of 8 weeks for every payment. If the collection is made without an existing mandate, the time period is extended to 13 months after the payment becomes due.


Direct debit orders using the LSV+/BDD format will probably no longer be accepted starting in 2019. Existing orders will automatically be converted to the new format, so that there is no need for the client to do anything in this regard.