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    Obtain more liquidity

The Lombard loan for private clients

You need money for an investment in the short term but do not want to sell your existing assets? Increase your liquidity with the Lombard loan and bridge financial bottlenecks quickly and easily.

Lombard loans give you the option of taking advantage of investment opportunities with additional capital, diversifying investments, or better structuring your portfolio. This works by pledging existing assets such as equities, bonds, or savings to the lender.

This means you do not lose any assets and can invest because the earnings potential of existing securities is maintained.

Plan your assets

The Lombard loan is not only suitable for bridging your financial bottlenecks in the short term. As part of your asset planning, this loan option gives you the opportunity to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities on the market with additional capital investment. Pledging your assets also gives you the opportunity to structure and increase your portfolio more effectively. Since this  loan is secured by pledged securities, you can also benefit from lower interest rates.

Risks of the Lombard loan

Nevertheless, using securities as collateral entails risks such as price and currency fluctuations in addition to special advantages. If your investments lose value as a result, you have to incorporate additional assets into the loan. For a complete overview, please refer to our fact sheet. Or ask your client advisor directly – your client advisor will provide you with comprehensive information and explain all aspects in detail.

Your benefits

  • Additional capital without having to sell assets
  • Bridging of financial bottlenecks
  • Creation of new investment opportunities
  • Flexible and low-cost financing solution
  • Low-interest loan model