New functions, improved navigation, even better overview – LLB E-Banking in November 2020

In LLB Online Banking, users receive a revised navigation and a new Dashboard with specific views and functions. Depending on the mandate, investment clients have access to new analysis options for their custody account. Institutional clients benefit from a Cockpit with which client assets can be directly managed and analysed. A Form Centre also brings advantages to account openings.

New navigation

LLB Online Banking is being presented in a new way within the LLB web portal, receiving a newly structured navigation. This makes navigation aids in the content obsolete, and users have a better overview of the functions and views.


The entry page to LLB Online Banking, the Dashboard, has been redesigned – also thanks to client feedback. In future, predefined tiles with information grouped by content will be presented. Institutional clients receive a Cockpit tailored specially to their needs.

Quick Link menu

The Quick Link menu – the button at the bottom right of the screen – can be used to perform frequently used functions such as payments, securities transactions, etc., directly and conveniently. It is now no longer necessary to navigate to a specific page in LLB Online Banking for that purpose.


Institutional clients now benefit from a special Cockpit which allows them to analyse and manage their client assets. With its new functions, the Cockpit serves as a working tool and central point of entry for this client group. From the Cockpit, it is also possible to access the IC Form Centre and LLB Xpert Views directly in e-banking.

Portfolio Analysis

With Portfolio Analysis, investment clients can analyse their assets as well as their asset development in greater depth. Institutional clients and clients with certain types of mandate have access to this Portfolio Analysis function.

Depending on the client group, the extended analysis views and functions are activated by default or can be activated or deactivated in the settings under "View". The transaction options and other functions of LLB e-banking naturally remain available in the "Portfolio Analysis" view.

Mobile Banking dashboard

The new tile provides a quick and convenient overview of the selected custody account. The value of the custody account is visible, as are the time-weighted return (TWR) since the beginning of the year and the breakdown of asset classes. Further information can be displayed as needed by clicking on the tile.

Analysis page in Mobile Banking

The latest release also introduces an analysis page in Mobile Banking. This page is located in the custody account view and offers various new analysis options.