Solid protection

Your financial and pension planning – find reliable solutions with us

No matter what your plans are, we'll show you financial and pension opportunities that fit your needs – so that you can keep a clear head for the here and now. Our experts ask the right questions and show you a variety of options – for a secure financial future. Besides the advisory competence of your personal client advisor, you can also count on the experience and expertise of our specialists in private financial planning.

Think of tomorrow today

Are you taking on financial obligations – building a house, starting a family, or making the move into self-employment? Not only then are pension and financial planning indispensable. We are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of different models and will accompany you in your search for an optimal overall solution.

Financial and pension planning – for a secure future

As part of our private financial planning services, we offer you tailored planning alternatives that take account of the special features of your financial situation at every stage of life. Our holistic advisory approach includes investment, pension, succession, financial, and tax aspects. We would be pleased to show you the opportunities available for achieving your short-, medium-, and long-term goals – so that you can safeguard your financial independence for the long run.

Estate planning – in line with your wishes

Protecting and passing on your assets is a very emotional topic. Leave nothing to chance and start thinking about your own estate in good time. The professional estate planning services offered by the LLB take account of your life, family, and financial situation. Talk to your client advisor and find a personal arrangement that meets your wishes and expectations.