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    Invest securely in the money market

LLB time deposits – the safe investment option

With time deposit investments with fixed interest rates, you can invest for a term of more than one to ten years and receive fixed annual interest in line with the market.

With this form of investment for the safety-conscious, you invest an amount of CHF 5'000 or more for more than one to maximum ten years. You can also make your investment in a variety of currencies. The interest rate is fixed in advance for the term you choose. That way, you secure interesting yield opportunities that you can rely on.

Time deposit investments normally offer the opportunity of achieving higher long-term returns than a classic savings account. Many savers and investors use them as a safe form of investment in order to also benefit over a longer investment period. The possible term ranges from one to ten years and can be individually chosen by you. Interest on this safe investment is paid annually at the interest fixed at the beginning – meaning you can reliably calculate the payment without any risk of it fluctuating. When the agreed term ends, your invested capital is repaid to you.

Your benefits

  • Calculable interest rate terms: the interest rate is fixed in advance for the entire term.
  • Flexible structure: you determine the amount and duration.
  • Safe investment: interest is fixed for the entire term.
  • No fees: no custody fees or commissions are charged.