Our advisory process to ensure your success

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Do you want to delegate investment decisions, or do you want to be actively involved? These and many other questions arise when you decide which investment models and solutions are a good fit for you. We'll always be at your side when you answer these questions – we'll give you advice every step of the way and develop a holistic, customised concept for you.

The first step is to prepare your investor profile during a personal consultation. We take your personal situation into account: investment horizon, return goals, risk ability and willingness as well as sustainability preferences. Based on these personal preferences, we enter the design phase together and prepare your individual investment strategy that corresponds to your investment goals in terms of investment duration as well as your risk and sustainability profile. 

Your client advisor is your direct and personal contact from the very beginning. Your client advisor is supported by a team of specialists in private financial and pension planning as well as tax and asset structuring. For your success in all matters relating to investment advice and asset management, your client advisor works together with the proven experts of LLB Asset Management AG. This ensures an all-round high quality of advice that fits you, since defining your strategy is the most important step toward securing your financial future.

And of course we are always at your side to accompany the implementation of your strategy. We inform you regularly about the development of your assets. Together with you, we adjust your strategy when new opportunities arise or when changes on the market make adjustments necessary. Perfect banking means that you can count on us for the long run.

Our pillars for advice that fits you

To identify what's important and to ensure your success, we always take a look at the big picture. Not only are we concerned with your assets and your investment goals – we also systematically employ the following three pillars when giving you advice. Our banking adjusts to you and your highest demands.