LLB Daily – our ideal range of packages for families and couples

A banking package for everyone in the same household? That’s exactly what LLB Daily families and couples offers.

Savings account with preferential interest rate

With LLB Flex or LLB Pro for families and couples, you get all accounts and cards for an all-in fee, meaning it’s really easy for you to keep track of things. In addition, alongside your joint account you also have independence with free individual accounts. Our offers provide you with everything that you and your loved ones could expect from a bank.

LLB Pro (joint account)

Limitless - your all-round feel-good package

With LLB Invest (Consult, Expert, Comfort) only CHF 2.- / month

(Per package CHF 24.90 + partner option CHF 2.-)

LLB Flex (joint account)

Carefree – pay flexibly where and how you like

With LLB Invest only CHF 2.– / month

Our partner option includes discounts for two individual accounts

If you would also like to open one individual account each with LLB, you’ll receive the respective package with a discount of CHF 4.90 and LLB Light free of charge. This means you can save up to CHF 9.80 per month in total.

Now enjoy even more benefits

If you combine your LLB Pro package for families and couples with individual investment advice under LLB Invest (Comfort, Expert, Consult), you’ll be able to use the package free of charge.

Any questions concerning the LLB Daily range?

The most important questions and answers relating to the new LLB Daily range can be found here.