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    Investment success with structure

Structured products: A smart combination

Structured products create new opportunities for private investors to profit in different market phases by individually combining a wide range of investment forms.

Structured products have the advantage of being able to offer added value for your portfolio in rising, steady, or falling markets. As individually controllable investment combinations, they consist of a classical investment – such as a share or bond – and one or more derivative financial instruments. A derivative financial instrument is a futures transaction whose price is derived from one or more underlying assets. Underlying assets may be equities, bonds, currencies, interest rates, commodities, hedge funds, private equity, or indirect real estate investments.

Pay attention to individual selection

However, not every structured product fits your personal investment strategy. And every investor has individual risk preferences. As your financial partner, it is important for us to consider your investment strategy holistically – because we want to support you competently with transparent products and investment concepts tailored to your investment profile. Structured products can be a good choice – provided they match your goals and needs.

Your benefits

  • Act flexibly in different market phases
  • Participation in expected market opportunities
  • Choose a tailored combination in the portfolio context
  • Special possibilities for capital protection or yield enhancement