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    Invest on the money market for fixed time periods

Money market investments for your short-term goals

We offer you different money market instruments for individual investment needs with time-limited maturities of up to a maximum of twelve months.

Money market investments offer you a variety of options for investing currently available funds at short notice. Depending on your individual investment wishes and planned investment period, these investments may include time deposits, call money investments, or fiduciary investments. In any case, an attractive, market-based interest rate can be achieved even in the short term and without any major effort.

With term deposits, we offer you a short-term investment opportunity in various currencies. The term can be between one week and twelve months. 

With call deposits, a type of term deposit, you benefit from short-term investment opportunities in various currencies and flexible decision-making thanks to a notice period of only one working day. They can be called off within 48 hours.

Fiduciary deposits allow for short-term investment opportunities in the money market with maturities of up to twelve months. These money market investments are available in various currencies and can be placed in our name – but for your account and risk – with major European banks as you wish.

Your benefits

  • Take advantage of the time factor: Invest at current money market conditions
  • You can control your liquidity flexibly
  • No fees are charged for call and term deposits
  • Our first-class credit rating ensures the security of your investment