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    Financial and pension planning that adjusts to your wishes and ideas

LLB Compass. Comprehensive advice – wherever life takes you

There are life events that can occur during any phase in life. You should take these events as an opportunity to re-evaluate your overall situation. We're happy to help. 

Your needs and goals in life are as individual as you are. But depending on your phase and situation in life, your needs and goals may shift. Your advisory package and financial plan will have to adjust accordingly. With LLB Compass, we offer you the possibility to re-evaluate your overall situation and focus on the issues that are important to you. This allows you to choose the optimal financial and pension plan that fits your current life situation.

Phases of life

Real estate – your long-term financial security

The issue of real estate may come up in any phase of life – be it financing of your family's first home, paying off your mortgage before you retire, or maintaining your ability to pay your mortgage during retirement. Or are you looking to supplement your investments by purchasing real estate? No matter what your goals and needs are – LLB Compass allows you to focus on what is most important to you and to adjust your financial and pension benefits accordingly.
Would you like more information in advance on home ownership, mortgage financing, or affordable mortgage payments? Then use our real estate and financing calculator.

Legal issues – think of tomorrow today

When undertaking comprehensive financial and pension planning, it's important to pay attention early on to the phases of life in which estate planning, inheritance, and self-determination become relevant.

Issues such as statutory succession and matrimonial property are part of the advice we provide. Our specialists and cooperation partners can provide more in-depth advice on these issues at any time. Have you received an inheritance and would like to use the new assets for your retirement? We can plan your future together.

LLB Compass – the right advice for you

No matter what you are interested in or what your goals are, we stand by your side with advice. Together, we look at your financial and pension situation and the options available to you. Do you have any questions about these issues or would you like to know more about our advisory packages? Get in touch with your advisors, or learn more about 360° advice in our brochure. You can also use our calculators to gain an initial overview.