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    Investments made to measure and tailored to your needs

Investment advice just as individual as you are

Tradition meets innovation – in keeping with this statement, we always adopt a progressive and forward-looking approach when working on our solutions and services for you. In combination with our wealth of experience as a traditional bank, this allows us to serve as the high-quality partner at your side, time and again.

Our comprehensive investment advisory portfolio is invariably geared towards your wishes and requirements. With LLB Basic, LLB Consult and LLB Expert, you have access to three advisory models that stand out thanks to their incorporation of first-class advisory competence, in-depth investment expertise, and innovative information technology.

Our recommendation – your decision

You are familiar with the most important financial markets and want to make your own decisions on how your assets are invested? Thanks to our innovative and flexible advisory models, you determine yourself how intensively your portfolio is monitored and the scope of the advice and support you receive. Our experts are available to assist you. On request, they will provide you with specific tips and recommendations on your investment strategy – the final decision lies with you. With the LLB Basic, LLB Consult and LLB Expert models, we are at your side as a faithful and strategic partner. LLB Basic gives you access to an annual professional advisory consultation. For LLB Consult and LLB Expert, we will actively inform you in the event of deviations and notify you of any changes with an impact on risk. In the meantime, you can enjoy your daily activities with peace of mind and focus on the nice things in life.

Modell LLB Expert

LLB Expert: Dedicated – always with a finger on the pulse of the market

LLB Expert guarantees you advice from our experts that is tailored to your needs. We monitor your portfolio continuously, inform you of any developments with an impact on risk, and immediately send you proposals for optimising your portfolio. This enables us to take care of your investment assets in the best possible way.

Our investment specialists are also on hand to provide you with their proven expertise on request. LLB Expert offers you the ideal prerequisites for actively managing your assets yourself while at the same time benefiting from our specialist knowledge.

Modell LLB Consult

LLB Consult: Security-conscious – first-class advice

LLB Consult guarantees you personal investment advice. At the same time, continuous monitoring minimises the risks in your portfolio. Should we notice deviations from your personal investment strategy, we will actively inform you and offer you concrete recommendations. Then we will implement whatever investment decision you make.