The latest version of our Online Banking service offers a recovery code, which enables you to log in again even if you've forgotten your password. Push notifications can now be conveniently set up in Mobile Banking.

With the new Online Banking version you can use the recovery code to reset your password and securely unlock your Online Banking account. Push notifications can now be set up conveniently in the Push Centre of your Mobile Banking. Several additional minor improvements and bug fixes increase the stability and user friendliness of our Online and Mobile Banking applications.

Introduction of a recovery code / self-service password


Have you forgotten your password or has your Online Banking account been blocked because you entered your password incorrectly? The self-service recovery code feature allows you to reset your password and unblock your access. To do this, generate a recovery code next time you log in to Online Banking and keep it in a safe place. The recovery code can be used only once and is valid for one year. After the code has been used or after expiry of the one-year period, a new code must be generated. Simply go to the user menu under "My profile".

Central management of push notifications

Push Center

Access the Push Centre of your Mobile Banking app via the settings, where you can easily set up and manage your push notifications.