The latest version of our E-Banking: with recovery code, and central notification management.

Using the recovery code, you can reset your password yourself or activate your new device even if your old device is no longer available. You now have convenient and centralised access for viewing and editing notifications.

Introduction of recovery code / self-service password / activation of new smartphone or tablet

Recovery Code

Have you forgotten your password? Do you have a new device and want to delete your old PhotoTAN activations so that you can activate a new device? With the new self-service recovery code feature, you can reset old activations or, if you have forgotten your password, define a new activation. To do so, generate a recovery code during your next Online Banking session and keep it in a safe place. The recovery code can be used only once and is valid for one year. After the code has been used or after the expiry of the one year period, a new code must be generated. Simply go to "My profile" in the user menu.

Keyboard operation has been improved

We are constantly working to improve the user friendliness of our Online Banking. With the new version, you now have the option of operating our Online Banking system using only the keyboard.

Central notification management


Your notifications are now available in summarised form. You can still set up your notifications in the account or custody account details. In addition, you now have the option of viewing all account or custody account notifications at a glance. The new "Notifications" page can be found on the "My accounts" or "My custody accounts" overview pages. All active and inactive notifications for all accounts or custody accounts are listed.

Deactivation of DTA import

Receipt of payment orders in the old DTA format is no longer possible in the current Online Banking version. We are happy to accept your payment orders in the new ISO20022 format (XML).

Fill in passwords automatically

In the new Mobile Banking app for iOS, the "AutoFill & Strong Passwords" function is now available. This lets you use Apple's Keychain password manager as well as third-party password managers in the Mobile Banking app.

Support for Android 5

We are continuously improving our LLB Mobile Banking app. So that you can continue to benefit from our user-friendly design and the latest security standards, please upgrade to Android 6 or use a device with the Android 6 operating system (or later). Our LLB Mobile Banking app is no longer available for Android 5 (or earlier).