The latest version of our E-Banking includes an improved display for releasing payments in Online Banking. The Mobile Banking app is also new – even more user-friendly, with enhanced functionality and visual improvements.

When releasing a payment in Online Banking, the payment release mosaic is now displayed with the corresponding payments on the screen. In addition to visual improvements to the login page and the landing page, the newest version of Mobile Banking includes functional changes as well.

New display for releasing payments

Releasing payments

The new E-Banking version includes an improved display for releasing payments. Until now, the release mosaic was displayed separately on the screen in its own step. The release mosaic is now displayed on the same page as the corresponding payments.

Central management of push notifications

Push notifications

The new Push Center offers centralised management of your push notifications. The Push Center lets you activate and manage various push notifications according to your needs. The Push Center is available by activating the "Use push" option in the "Settings" of the Mobile Banking app.

New login page in Mobile Banking

Login page

A dynamic background now appears on the Mobile Banking login page.  The visual display of the two input fields for "User" and "Password" has also changed. The functions that are available without logging in are now displayed in a quick links menu.

New landing page in Mobile Banking

Landing page

After logging in successfully, your asset overview will first be displayed on the Mobile Banking landing page. You will also find news and the last transactions directly on the landing page.

The previous quicklinks on the landing page, for example for entering payments, have been replaced by our new quicklink menu.

Bank transactions using Touch ID and Face ID

You can now use all the functions of the Mobile Banking app by logging in via Touch ID or Face ID (iOS) and fingerprint (Android). Only queries such as "Asset overview" were possible until now, while logging in with your password was still necessary for other functions. The new, simplified use must first be unlocked and activated on your device. To do this, go to "Settings" in the Mobile Banking app and add the "Use fingerprint" option.