New release implements EU MiFID II Directive for the LLB and increases user-friendliness by implementing further client suggestions

The latest release of our Online Banking implements the EU MiFID II Directive for the LLB. New password policies also increase security. In addition, the filter and search functions for collective bookings have been improved, new options for the display order of accounts and custody accounts have been introduced, and payment delivery now includes the new ISO formats.

Implementation of EU MiFID II Directive for the LLB

Online Banking

The EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) has governed securities transactions in Europe since November 2007. The Directive has been revised with the aim of increasing investor protection and transparency of financial markets. It enters into force on 3 January 2018 under the abbreviation "MiFID II" and will be implemented with this release.

Enhancement of filter and search for collective bookings

Online Banking

The search and filter function now not only refers to the overall information of the collective booking, but also generates hits for individual payments within the collective booking.

Display order of accounts and custody accounts

Online Banking

The display order of accounts and custody accounts can be customised using drag & drop in the overview of accounts and custody accounts by choosing the menu point "..." (symbol with three points) and "Sort accounts or custody accounts ".

Payment delivery in the new ISO format

This release resolves problems with the delivery of two-step payment slips and ISR payments (for example, if no payee is specified) and the maximum length of the payment reason.

New password policy

The introduction of new password guidelines serves to prevent abuse and thus increases security in e-banking. The password must now meet the following criteria:

  • Permitted characters are: a-z A-Z 0-9 ' " : ; + - ( ) / _ @ * # . , & % ? ! $
  • The new password must be different from the last six passwords used
  • Minimum length is eight characters, maximum length is 50 characters
  • Mandatory characters:
    o    an upper-case letter
    o    a lower-case letter
    o    a number or special character
  • Last password change must be older than twelve hours

The revised password policy is valid effective immediately for new clients. Existing clients will be asked to adjust their passwords from June 2018 if the password does not meet the specifications.

More details on credit products

Online Banking

You can now display financing details for credit products with immediate effect.  The detailed view displays information on the term, next interest payment, credit number, and interest rate.

Request your maestro-card in card self-service

Mobile Banking

You can now request your maestro-card in card self-service in your user-menu at 'My cards'.