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LiPay – the payment solution for individuals and businesses

LiPay is an innovative digital solution for cashless and contactless payments. For both individuals and businesses – fast, convenient, and everywhere.

Contactless payment and contactless requests for money are more convenient than ever: without a card or PIN. No new app is needed either, given that LiPay is integrated into LLB Mobile Banking. Transfers go directly from account to account – within seconds.

Request money and pay directly

To request money, a QR code is created. To pay, a photo is taken of the beneficiary's QR code.

LiPay also works at a distance – simply send QR codes as a link via WhatsApp or text message – a single click, and your payment is made or your invoice sent. The money transaction is displayed within seconds via a push message.

Advantages when paying

  • Pay in no time – fast, convenient, and everywhere
  • No card, no new app, and no exchange of cash necessary
  • Completely contactless and without PIN
  • Can be used between individuals – within the family or among colleagues – and also when shopping at LiPay partner shops

Advantages when requesting money

  • Accept electronic payments quickly and conveniently
  • No expensive payment terminal or additional hardware necessary – a smartphone is enough
  • Free of charge for private payment transactions
  • Free of charge for businesses during the promotion period – and then the most cost-effective solution available anywhere
  • Save time at the cash register – customers can initiate payments themselves
  • New business opportunities where cash and/or terminals are not feasible
  • Ideal solution also in self-service zones or for delivery services

Get started right away with LiPay

With LLB Mobile Banking, you can start using LiPay immediately – for both private and commercial transactions. Under "Downloads", you will find tips on how to use LiPay and further information.

The LiPay payment solution is already available in numerous shops, and new locations are being added all the time.

LiPay – Partner shops

Become a partner business

Are you interested in LiPay, but you're not an LLB client? Then go right ahead: Simply fill out the account application or open an account via video chat, and in a few days you'll benefit from the LiPay advantages and many other LLB products and services.

We look forward to meeting you, and we're proud to offer this innovative payment solution for individuals and businesses in Liechtenstein.