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    Simplify the fulfilment and guarantee of rental claims

The best place for your rental deposit

Do you want to rent a new property? And do you have to make a rental deposit? Our rental deposit savings account provides exactly the right service for you.

The rental deposit savings account is a convenient and secure solution for guaranteeing or servicing a landlord's claims. The renter providing the deposit can demand appropriate interest on the deposit.

The rental deposit savings account meets these requirements. It serves to block the account balance generated by a rental deposit as a guarantee for the benefit of the co-signing landlord in the event of any claims against the account holder arising from an existing rental agreement. During the blocked period, the landlord receives copies of the account statements.

Your benefits

  • Easy way to ensure the rental guarantee set out in the rental agreement
  • No account fees
  • Fulfilment of legal requirements
  • Transparency for renter and landlord thanks to duplicate account statements