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    This account makes a great gift

A savings account is the best gift for the future

With a gift savings account, you are providing for your loved ones' future. Whether you're a godmother, godfather, or grandparent, we offer savings accounts for children that can be transferred at the latest on their 18th birthday.

With a gift savings account, you can show your godchildren or grandchildren how important their financial security is to you. For gifts in the form of small or large amounts – regularly or as a one-time payment – this savings account is the ideal investment form for children. The balance will grow handsomely thanks to a preferential interest rate. And waived fees make the gift twice as nice.

The gift savings account is in the name of the godparent or grandparent. This means you retain sole right of disposal. The accumulated account balance is transferred at the latest on the child's 18th birthday. Until the account is transferred, the child does not have any right to the account balance and is also not provided with any information by the LLB.

Your benefits

  • Individualised: Giver retains right of disposal
  • Systematic accumulation of assets: Attractive preferential interest rates
  • Additional advantage: No account fees
  • Detailed overview: Thanks to annual account statement
  • Flexibility: Online and Mobile Banking