Take charge of your own finances

With the youli account, you have clarity regarding your finances right from the beginning. You'll benefit from preferential interest rates and much more. And the best part: You can use everything online.

Your youli private account will help you keep your balance if you want to stand on your own two feet financially. Or if you want to keep track of your finances – especially if this is your first account. Trust our possibilities and yours, and let us advise you – also online.

The youli account – always surprising, always a good match

The youli account is a good match for all young people between 12 and 26. It adjusts perfectly to your needs. And because the LLB Flex package for children and young adults is free of charge, there's more left over for you to go shopping, or to enjoy an evening out with friends.

With your youli account, you're also automatically a youli member. This means that your member card gives you access to great discounts, and you'll learn more about ongoing deals or contests. You can only win! By the way – "youli" stands for "young Liechtenstein". It's the flexible youth account of the LLB.

You're turning 26? No problem! We'll convert your bank package into a normal LLB Flex. Are you still a student? Then come to our counter and show us your student ID. Or you can send us a copy by mail or e-mail to benefit from the free LLB Flex package for children and young adults.

With your LLB Flex package for children and young adults, you always have good cards

You can use your debit card or apply for a credit card. You can use Online and Mobile Banking to keep up to date about your account and to make payments. And if you are thinking for the long term and want to save money, then we can also offer a savings account or Fund Savings Plan as the right investment for you.

Your benefits

  • Preferential interest rate on your account balance
  • Free debit card for more independence
  • youli member card and llb.li/youli: Attractive opportunities and discounted tickets
  • No account fees until your 26th birthday
  • Mobile and Online Banking
  • Personal assistance for your questions about money and finances
  • You're worth it to us: A welcome gift is waiting for you
  • Better overview: Free monthly account statement