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The corporate strategy of the LLB Group

The new strategy, ACT-26, is a consistent further development of the LLB Group. It continues the successful growth path of the past years, but it also stands for technological and sustainable transformation.

ACT-26 stands for taking action and at the same time for ACceleration & Transformation. As part of this strategy, the LLB Group is relying on three core elements:

Overview of the LLB Group's financial targets

With our ACT-26 strategy, we are focusing on achieving the following financial targets by the end of 2026:

  • Growth: Growth in new client funds and loans to clients of at least 3% annually
  • Efficiency: A maximum cost/income ratio of 65% in 2026
  • Sustainability: Reduction of the LLB Group's entire CO2 emissions to net zero by 2040 at the latest

We are also aiming for a Tier 1 ratio of more than 16%.