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Our policies set out the principles that apply to the LLB Group’s employees, executive bodies and business activities. The policies undergo regular review and need to be approved by Group Executive Management and/or the Group Board of Directors.

LLB Group policies and guides

Our regional roots mean we are always close to our clients; we therefore have high standards when it comes to responsibility. These need to be met by the company as a whole and by each individual. Our Rules of Conduct sets out these mandatory standards, reflecting our values and describing what we expect from the Board of Directors, Group Executive Management, managers and employees. It shows how we deal with possible issues or difficult situations that affect our business practices or internal togetherness. We expect our executive bodies and employees to comply with the applicable laws, regulations and directives as well as professional standards and our Rules of Conduct, which stipulate which transactions involving financial instruments are permissible for employees and executive bodies as well as defining general principles in respect of employee transactions. Clear regulations are also stipulated for the overseeing of business relationships of employees and executive bodies as well as for acceptance of inducements, secondary employment and general handling of any conflicts of interest.

The LLB Group is represented in many countries, whose laws, regulations and rules of conduct are as diverse as their histories, languages and cultures. Nonetheless, our own Rules of Conduct supports us in implementing our company’s defined values Group-wide in our target markets, thereby consolidating the trust of our clients, investors and partners.