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LLB: With strong values, focused on the future

With our values, we navigate into the future. Trust and clarity are our guidance, together with you.

Our heritage and pride: values, awards, history

LLB looks back on 160 years of history, but our focus is firmly on the future. Integer, respectful, passion, and excellent – these are the values we live day by day. Our awards are a testament to this commitment, but to us, they are not the end of the line, they are motivation to keep pushing forward. For us, innovation means not as much advanced technology as it does a deep understanding of the wishes and needs of our customers. Our vision? To be one of the most trusted banks in the world, accompanying and supporting you in every situation in life.

Values that matter: your trustworthy partner LLB

Code of Conduct

Stable ownership structure

The State of Liechtenstein is the main shareholder and owns 17.7 million of the 30.8 million LLB shares (56.3 % of the share capital). The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of only twelve countries worldwide with a AAA rating.

Excellent Moody's rating

The LLB is rated by the Moody's agency. Our deposit rating is Aa2, underscoring the stability and financial strength of the LLB. With this rating, we are in the premier league of all banks in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, significantly above the average of European financial institutions. More information on the ranking is available here.

Our history

The history of the LLB began on 5 December 1861. Its establishment as the "Zins- und Credit-Landes-Anstalt im souverainen Fürstenthume Liechtenstein" (National Interest and Credit Institution in the Sovereign Principality of Liechtenstein) stood at the beginning of all the reforms that followed with the first Liechtenstein Constitution of 1862. These reforms launched the development of Liechtenstein into a modern business location.

The close ties to Switzerland and the adoption of the stable Swiss Franc as the national currency paved the way to success. After the Second World War, we transformed from a rural savings and mortgage bank into a universal bank with international clients. With an emphasis on stability and security, the LLB will always continue under the aegis of our values – for our country, the region, the people, and the economy.