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Principal of Liechtenstein:
unique small country in the heart of Europe

Liechtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria at the heart of Europe. The Principality is a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis. As a result of this unique form of government, political decisions are reached by a consensus of the monarch, the parliament and the people. The Head of State is Prince Hans-Adam II, the thirteenth Prince of Liechtenstein. 

The diversity and variety of Liechtenstein's cultural and tourist attractions will surprise you. Detailed information is available at www.tourismus.li and www.liechtenstein.li.

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Liechtenstein – your financial centre

Liechtenstein's success as a financial centre is attributable to its ideal regulatory framework and its extremely high quality standards. The financial centre is distinguished by extensive experience, tradition and professionalism in private banking as well as strict laws to protect investors. Political stability, discretion and security are also key success factors. You can find further information at www.bankenverband.li.

The rating agency Standard & Poor's has assigned the Principality of Liechtenstein the highest sovereign rating of AAA.

Advantageous basic conditions

  • Stable social, legal, and economic order
  • High level of political stability and continuity
  • Cooperative social partnership, liberal tax legislation and company law
  • Liberal economic policy
  • Sound public finances
  • Stable Swiss franc as official currency
  • Strong financial capacities
  • Banking law offering a high level of privacy protection
  • Niche products for the EU market

Business location

With its lean, citizen-focused form of government, Liechtenstein offers a stable legal and social structure as well as a traditionally liberal economic system. The public sector's sound financial policy, short administrative channels as well as the transparent, calculable tax and legal frameworks contribute to the attractiveness of the Principality as a business location.

Liechtenstein's economy benefits from its membership of two economic zones, i. e. that of Switzerland through the customs and currency agreement, and that of the European Union through the EEA treaty. A further advantage is its access to well qualified professionals from the Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria region. Of the country's 32'000 gainfully employed persons, 50 percent are cross-border commuters.

Detailed information is available at www.liechtenstein-business.li.