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Welcome! – We are pleased to be here for you

We offer all the products and services you need in the world of finance. We are currently redesigning the client zone at our headquarters. A temporary client zone has been set up. Please observe the signposting at the bank office.

We are pleased to assist you with your financial matters in person. To ensure the best possible accommodation of our clients' wishes, we are currently redesigning the client zone at our headquarters in Vaduz through mid-2022. This will create even more space for advice and individual service in a friendly, modern environment. Let us surprise you.

Until the reopening of our redesigned client zone, we will be happy to serve you right next door in our temporary office. Please observe the signposting. All information on the redesign and the most important answers on the redesign of the client zone can be found in the FAQ.

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Personal advice

At our headquarters in Vaduz as well as our branches in Balzers and Eschen, you can consult with our client advisors on all financial questions. Would you like to find the ideal savings opportunity, finance your dream home, or make targeted provisions for your retirement? We offer you comprehensive advice and will be happy to show you in detail how you can achieve your goals. Get in touch with us – we are pleased to be here for you.

Extended opening hours for consultations

With the move to our temporary bank office at the beginning of November 2021, we have adjusted our opening hours: Consultations are available by appointment from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Opening hours in the client zone are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our ATM services are also available around the clock (24/7).