• GS Balzers

Experience banking with all your senses

The LLB is investing in personal client contact on site and is realigning its Liechtenstein branches to reflect the changing needs of clients.

Personal advice – friendly and with digital support – opens up fantastic opportunities and creates special experiences. That's why we are making traditional banking dynamic – also in our bank offices.

Space for encounters

Our bank offices are of crucial importance to us and our clients:

  • because trust is created especially also through personal contact;
  • because we want to offer our clients a place where we can develop tailored solutions together;
  • because we put closeness to our clients into practice, and because our clients should be able to see, experience, and interact with our products and our brand; and
  • because we want to offer a place where the digital and the analogue come together in the best possible way.

Are you interested in visiting one of our bank offices? Do you have specific concerns or questions? Welcome!