You can imagine what we do – but you have to experience how we do it.

We provide our services across borders. And our working world covers many countries. However, no matter in which country, location, or team you start your career with the LLB Group, you will always come across a working environment that is distinguished by a common vision. Our vision of banking is based on the idea of managing material values with a clearly defined value system. In doing so, we strive to be a pioneer in the industry.

Strong values: The guiding principles of the LLB

We are guided by a common thread that runs through our goals, strategies, and initiatives:

  • Our respectful interaction with each other can be perceived and seen by everyone. We look for the best solution through dialogue, appreciate the performance of others, show ourselves to be collegial, and support each other.
  • We strive for excellence through performance and by focusing on results. We love what we do. We set high standards and actively develop our skills.
  • Our customers can rely on our integrity. We do what we say and we say what we do. We make the background of our decisions understandable.
  • We stand for visionary solutions, take a far-sighted approach, and keep an eye on stability and security in everything we do. We welcome the challenges of our industry: We engage with future trends and develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Does this correspond to your own values and your vision of contemporary banking?

We underpin all that with pleasure with other arguments. What we offer in reimbursement, additional achievements and continuing education, get to know here: 

Swiss Employer Award: LLB in the top ten

The LLB has received the Swiss Employer Award (Swiss Arbeitgeber Award) for the second time. This recognition is granted on the basis of the employee survey and directly reflects the opinions of our employees. We are therefore especially pleased to have placed in the top ten: In the category "Medium-sized companies with 250 to 999 employees", the LLB ranks sixth. We are very proud to have received this fantastic feedback directly from our company. The result is an incentive to maintain and even further improve our level.

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Swiss Arbeitgeber Award

Friendly Work Space: LLB receives employer award

The LLB is the first financial service provider in the Principality of Liechtenstein to be awarded the Friendly Work Space label. This recognition makes us doubly proud, since the LLB also won the Swiss Employer Award. The Health Promotion Switzerland foundation confers the Friendly Work Space label on companies for their systematic implementation of occupational health management. Recipients of the label have demonstrated that their working environment promotes the health of their employees. The award underscores the LLB's strong and targeted commitment to good and healthy working conditions. We are very pleased to be able to bear this label starting in 2020.

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Friendly Work Space