Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved to your end device when you visit our website. Most cookies are deleted from your hard drive again once the browser session has finished; others remain on your terminal device.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies allow us to identify your device again on your next visit to our website and to tailor the website to your needs and improve it. To do this, we analyse and statistically evaluate your visits to our website. Technical cookies are required for the functionalities of our website.

Analysis, tracking and marketing

To better understand the usage behaviour of users, we collect analysis and tracking data within our website.

We declare the various different data types and how these are used and ask users for active consent prior to the processing. To do this, we display options for (cookie) settings. If consent is not given, analytics data is evaluated anonymously for the individual session and no tracking data is processed.

Consent may be revoked at any time in the (cookie) settings.

We use Piwik PRO to capture analytics data (operator contact details: Piwik PRO SA, ul. św. Antoniego 2/4, 50-073 Wrocław, Poland).

If users have consented to the processing of usage data for the purposes of analysis, the following applies:

  • When using the data and information registered, we draw conclusions about usage behaviour. The data cannot be assigned to a specific person because the IP addresses are shortened. Individual users are thus anonymised for the analysis. However, users are distinguishable.
  • The findings are used to optimise the digital services and make targeted adjustments.
  • The data is held on servers in the European Union.

Our cookies ( and subdomains)

SES_SESS-SSessionSession matching for portal servicesEncrypted
CSRFT759-SSessionSecurity cookie 
ppms_privacy_6 monthsStores the visitor’s consent to data collection and use. 
_pk_id.13 monthsUsed to recognise visitors and store their various characteristic. 
_pk_ses.30 minutesDisplays the visitor’s active session. If the cookie does not exist, this means that the session ended more than 30 minutes ago and was counted in the cookie _pk_id. 
test_cookie15 minutesIs used as a test to check whether the browser allows cookies. Does not contain any identifying features. 
langSessionUsed to store a user’s language preferences so that is shown in the language chosen by the user in their settings. 
li_gc6 monthsStores visitors’ consent to the use of cookies for non-essential purposes on the LinkedIn platform. 
lidc24 hoursFacilitates the selection of data processing centre. 
bcookie2 yearsA browser identifier cookie for unequivocally identifying devices that access LinkedIn in order to detect misuse on the platform. 

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies may be set if you follow a link that exits our web server. We work with the following services or provide links to these services, which may place their own cookies or cookies from third-party providers. To process data for remarketing (advertising cookies), we link data from our online services to marketing platforms provided by Google, Meta and LinkedIn.

Third-party cookies

We require all partners to employ the same level of security with said data. The following overview shows the third-party provider tools used to improve the customer experience on the website and define and manage marketing activities. These tools use cookies and advertising IDs to identify users.

Deleting cookies

You can delete all or certain cookies in your browser at any time under ‘Settings’. Deleting technical cookies may result in some of the features of our website no longer being available.