Release notes, March release

Our latest Online Banking version lets you create customised statements of assets and offers new options for selecting multiple customer relationships or accounts.

Revised selection options for multiple customer relationships in Online Banking


The March release revises customer selection, i.e. the grey field below page selection. The filter and the search function have been combined in a single point and can now be accessed using the magnifying glass. The print functions have been removed from the three points and are now likewise displayed as a PDF symbol within the grey field.

The selection field for customers/custody accounts/accounts is now also available in the traditional e-banking view and offers more space for customer names in general. You can use the customer selection to limit the data displayed on each page. By default, the data of all customer relationships/accounts are displayed.

New display for statement of assets

The presentation of the statement of assets has been revised and modernised so that you can access the relevant information more easily. The investment fund transparency (fund calculation) from Online Banking is now also visible in the statement of assets. This means that the asset analyses within the statement of assets are just as professional as in Online Banking. You now also have the option of creating customised displays of statements of assets (see next chapter for further information).

Preparation of customised statements of assets in Online Banking


Our current e-banking version lets you order statements of assets automatically. A new template management function has also been introduced, allowing you to customise your statements of assets according to your needs. The new functions are available in Online Banking under Service > Order reports & forms.

Manage templates

Vorlagen verwalten

You can define several templates for different purposes. The templates can then be selected when ordering statements of assets in Online Banking.

Manage subscriptions

Abos verwalten
Abos erstellen

Subscriptions can now also be created to automatically order statements of assets. The subscriptions can be created for the standardised statement of assets or for your own defined templates.

Payment codes for payments to the United Arab Emirates


The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates requires payments to the United Arab Emirates to be accompanied by a three-digit payment code. The payment code is needed to determine the intended use of the money.

In Online/Mobile Banking, an additional field for the payment code is now displayed when you enter a payment for an IBAN starting with AE.

Support for gesture navigation on Android devices

Android 10 introduced gesture navigation, which can be activated as an option under system settings. When gesture navigation is activated, the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen is replaced by a horizontal line. Swiping from the left or right edge navigates back.

With this release, we have optimised our app for gesture navigation.

Announcement for Android 7 users

We are continuously developing our LLB Mobile Banking app. To ensure that you can continue to benefit from a user-friendly design and the latest security standards, please upgrade to Android 8 or use a device with the Android 8 operating system (or later). Our LLB Mobile Banking app will no longer be available for Android 7 starting in June 2021.

Other changes and bug fixes

  • New "Execution date" column in the table view on the "My payments" page
  • The "Requested value date" option is no longer available for CHF/EUR payments
  • Low Data Mode support for iOS
  • No more bug fixes for Internet Explorer 11