In the latest version of our E-Banking, we have merged the two pages "Allocation" and "Analysis" in the Asset Overview.

PDF files can now be printed in landscape format. The Dashboard in Online Banking now shows all your customer relationships in a single overview.

New asset page: Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

In the Asset Overview, we have merged the two pages "Allocation" and "Analysis". The new page is now called "Asset Allocation" and contains numerous analysis options. It gives you the option of analysing the assets of a customer relationship or portfolio.

PDF printout

In Online Banking, you have the option of generating a PDF on several different pages. Until now, these PDF files in Online Banking have been created in portrait format. Starting with the November release, these self-generated documents are being made available to you in landscape format. The documents made available by the bank in your inbox remain unchanged.

New Dashboard page

If you manage multiple accounts or customers, you now have access on the Dashboard to an overview page with all your customer relationships. Integrated customer selection makes it easy to switch between different customer relationships and add customer-specific widgets.