Our latest E-Banking version lets users define a limit on the amount of payments that can be released with PhotoTAN, and it improves user-friendliness in several ways. We have also adjusted the name and icon of the LLB Mobile Banking app.

In E-Banking, the user can now define a limit on the amounts that can be released for payment. The name and icon of the LLB Mobile Banking app have changed. Other new features include a table view for standing orders awaiting release, an e-mail / text message notification for payments to be released, an option for saving individual payments, and an option for deleting payees from the database directly when entering payments.

Shorter app name and new icon on Android devices

The name of the LLB Mobile Banking app has been changed from "LLB Banking" to "LLB". The icon of the app on Android devices is also new.

Additional e-mail / text message option


Account notifications can now be set for payments awaiting release. As soon as a payment is ready for release, an e-mail or text notification is sent to the stored address.

The text of the "Partially executed" status for custody account notifications has likewise been updated to include new details.

Users can now define limit on approved payment amount themselves

Self-defined amount

In the settings, users can now individually define the limit on payments that do not require an additional approval step. This amount applies to Online Banking (where payments are released using PhotoTAN) and Mobile Banking (where payments are released with a password).

The default maximum amount is CHF 10'000.00 and can be adjusted in the settings under "User-defined amount". The user-defined amount must not be higher than the default maximum amount.

Save individual payment

IBAN payment

With the November release, users are now able to save individual payments temporarily. Payments that have been saved but not yet released can be found under "My payments".

Standing orders awaiting release are now highlighted

My standing orders

Previously, standing orders awaiting release were displayed under "Inactive standing orders". From now on, standing orders that are ready for release will be displayed at the top of the "My standing orders" page under "Standing orders awaiting release".

Delete payees directly when entering payments

Delete Payees

Directly from the entry screen, users can now delete payees from the payee database if they are no longer needed.